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Electronic Assembly Products

Lead Free Solder:

A brief overview of some of our most popular pastes available in a wide array of package types.

  • 406L-3 Series: Anti-Voiding / Anti-Pillowing / 72 hr Tac TimePDF Image
  • M500 Series: Anti-Voiding / Anti-Pillowing / Halogen Free / Powerful wettingPDF Image
  • M500C Series: Designed for heavily oxidized components.
  • A230 Series: A TRUE no-clean paste that is much easier to clean. Reduces wash times by up to 75%.
  • TB48-M742: Low melting point / Halogen Free / Cuts electricity & CO2 Emissions.PDF Image

Leaded Solder

  • 956-2: Anti-voiding / Anti-Pillowing / 72 hr Tac time.PDF Image

Tack Fluxes for Rework & Repair

  • Flux is available from all paste families. There is a huge benefit in using this method to reduce waste but also to keep the reworked site clean since it does not flow like liquid flux.

Lead Free Solder Wire

Leaded Solder Wire

  • JM-20: A beautiful wire for hand soldering with less flux splatter.PDF Image

Chipbonders & Adhesives

  • JU-110: New chipbonder that does not require dangerous goods transport saving enormous amounts of money. PDF Image
  • JU-100-5: Cures at 130C in 60 sec. Great for low or high speed printing.PDF Image
  • JU-41P/JU-44P: Cures at 130C in 60 sec. For printing applications.PDF Image
  • JU-R2S: Self aligning SMT adhesive for lead free double sided assemblies. PDF Image
  • JU-90LT: Low temperature curing chipbonder. 90-100C for 100 sec.PDF Image

We have an extensive library on technical specifications, industry reports & videos.

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