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koki physics

Why do you go through so many soldering tips?

Traditional SAC Alloy
Tip Surface
X Section
spacetip plating surface tip plating side SAC alloys leave the plating surface of the soldering tip unprotected. This allows the SAC alloy to literaly eat through the copper inside the tip.
KOKI's Solution Using S03X-70M Series Solder Wire
Tip Surface X Section  
koki using Co Koki wire soution Koki's SAC wire contains 0.03% colbalt. This "doping" of Co protects the exposed plating surface so the SAC alloy can not "eat" the tip from the inside out thus reducing solder tip consumption by as much as 40%.
Using a UNIX soldering robot, the images below are the results after 10,000 shots
sac305 erosionS03x wiresolder tip life
Flow Characteristics
Most SAC wire do not flow well. Excessive heat & lack of flow causes the pad to oxidize before complete soldering. In addition, we see many people add liquid flux as a bandaid which can create other problems.
KOKI's wire starts to flow before the pad receives too much heat preventing oxidizition. The true secret is in the flux since the wire melts at 217. In addition, our flux spits very little leaving an more aesthetic site.
pad oxidization2 pad oxidization
What about solder joint strength? pull test
Pull test results show that a SAC305 joint reworked with Koki is almost as strong as the original and is almost DOUBLE that of SAC305 reworked with SAC305.